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What is Wild Fox?


Making approachable and innovative food using seasonal and local ingredients.


Wild Fox brings inspiration from our founders heritages to provide inspired cuisine to you.  Polish cuisine is usually composed of pork, root vegetables, cabbage and potatoes.  A pierogi is a polish dumpling that is traditionally filled with potato, cheese, and/or sauerkraut.  We see the pierogi as an ideal vessel to explore various different types of flavors and platings.  Portuguese cuisine usually leverages stewed meats, seafood, and kale.  Both Polish and Portuguese foods have savory and comfort roots to them, which leads to interesting food combinations. 


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Chef Ryan Dziki is excited to bring his years of cooking expertise to a venture of his own.  As a chef-owner, Ryan will look to local food sources to craft seasonal dishes that showcase the flavors of the season.

Julie Dziki will be managing the front of house operations for Wild Fox, leveraging the customer service and planning experiences that she's accumulated over the past 15 years of bartending, serving, and even as a social worker.

Adam Dziki will be managing business operations at Wild Fox, as well as handling digital media maintenance.  Adam's career has been mainly focused in software engineering, mainly building websites and mobile apps.